Abby Godwin

Who is this chick anyway? 

HEYYY there ✌️It's Abby, an Ionia High School Alumni, and proud to be called an "Ionian". Second to that- a Raider, at Grand Rapids Community College- where I obtained my Associates in Business Administration in 2016.I probably have the most rambunctious soul you will ever meet (if you think you are rambunctious as well, let's meet for coffee -Biggby of Course- ☕️). 

I met the love of my life (so cliché, I know 🤪) in the fall of 2010 and later married in 2016. Since then, we have welcomed a baby boy named Eli in the summer of 2019. We have also adopted 3 felines, Rudy, Luna & Felix and 2 K-9's, Bella & Tater. Bella is a (Feisty) Chocolate lab and Tater is a (ebullient) German Shorthaired Pointer. 

Why Photography? 

I have been passionate about photography for several years. However, when I took on the Role of "office manager" at Pine Hill 🐶in the fall of 2016, it unfolded the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a professional photographer. Unfortunately, I have since moved onto a different opportunity but Pine Hill will always have a special place in my heart and life.               

Aside of photography and outdoor adventures, I am also passionate about relationships. Photography has opened many doors to friendships and connections I would have never dreamed of creating otherwise.   

Speaking of relationships, let's talk about my lifelong bestie- Katie! She is probably the greatest person on the face of this planet 😜! Why am I mentioning her?! Well, besides being awesome, she often hangs out and assist at some photoshoots. Hopefully you will get to meet her someday and then you will understand what I am talking about. But for now, we will just leave it at "she's really freaking awesome". 🤘Of course, let's not leave out the rest of the supportive family. They are all da' bomb too.💣

If you took the time read this entire bio- you are totally the real MVP here. Can't you tell I LOVE to talk?! HAHA

I cannot wait to meet you and capture the "wild through your eyes".  


PC : (Wedding and business head shots) Brick Street Studio PC: Ariel Lynn Photography (BFF mini and Business Headshots) 

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