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The Details

I treat each client with care and invest at least 3-5 hours in total to ensure you have the best experience possible! For that reason, most session rates start at $175. This covers my time, creative talent, and the expertise that I pour into your session!

*Please note: prints and digitals are NOT included with the session fee*

As a bonus- almost all sessions come with $75-$100 credit towards prints! πŸ˜„ You'll get to choose your favorite images during your gallery review/ordering session! Most of my family clients are so in love with their images (many tear up when they see them) that they usually invest somewhere between $200-$500 on canvases, wall art, prints, and digital files (but you can certainly choose more or less than that depending upon your need)! 

The breakdown

1: Schedule Your Session

We will get together (or discuss electronically) and plan out the most AWESOME session there Eva' was! πŸ˜€Topics to be discussed are things such as time, place & date of your session. This allows me to get to know likes, dislikes, goals and personality of you and possibly your loved ones. I am a people person and LOVE to chat- it's my thang' πŸ€ͺ. 

2: Reveal your Images


Usually 24-48 hours after your session, I upload 1-5 sneak peek images from your session on Wild Eye Imagery Social Media platforms, for you to see and share with your fiends (if you have not added WEI to your social media, click the icons at the bottom of this page πŸ‘‡) 

About 1-2 weeks after your session, we have our scheduled Reveal session. I get to display your images and help you pick out your favorites! 😍 Most (if not all) Clients order their products on this same day! However, if you think you need a little extra time to pick them out, that is alright too. 

3: Pick Out Your Art


the hard part is over.

Here comes the fun! 

Now, you get to pick out your products!! 🀩 During your ordering session, there will be sample products such as wall art, albums and prints for you to look through. These are Ala Carte based, so you can mix and match to your desire. 

It usually takes a bout 2-3 weeks to receive your art. 

Prints larger than 11x14 are a pick up only basis. 

After all, this is an experience, not a "sale".

I am so excited to get to know you, and capture the wild through your eyes! 



Metal prints are my FAVORITE! Definitely not just the ordinary wall art, but a show stopping wall art piece. The metal is a white base with a gloss finish that shows RICH colors and POPS with color.

These are also and "floating" illusion and can be ordered from an 8x8 all the way to a 20x30 with a floating back hanger (second image displayed). If you wish for a smaller image, 4x6 to 6x6 is offered with out a float mount back (can be displayed on an easel on a flat surface).          


Fine art prints are not just the ordinary "Walmart" prints. These are professional grade prints with semi-gloss paper that shows vibrant colors and rich skin tones.    

Prints can be ordered from wallet size (8per page) all the way to 30 x 40. 

Float Wraps

Float Wraps are not the ordinary canvas material. They have a smooth matte feeling to them. Images are wrapped around a padded masonite and coated with a protectant that is so elegant looking, you will have your friends talkin'. 

Why, are the called "float" wraps? I am SO glad you asked! As, you can see in the second display image, there is a 3/4 inch black block on the back for mounting on the wall. This gives the images a "floating" illusion.                           

Float wraps can be printed from a 8x10 all the way to a 20x30. 

Gallery Wrap

Gallery wraps are an elegant, yet simple wall art. They are a 1 1/2 inch wrap depth and can be ordered from a 5x5 all the way to a 40x60. Mounting comes with a paper backing with bumpers on the corners and sawhorse hangers.   

Custom USB

Custom USB drives come with all the images from the gallery reveal. They also come with print release. Each USB drive is carefully engraved to have that authentic and unique feel to it. They are engraved on both sides. One side has the Wild Eye Imagery logo and the other side has a custom design the I design to fit the personality of the client (this is my favorite). Custom USB drive comes with 8G of storage. 

8x8 Album

Albums are a great avenue to display all your images. These 8x8 Albums are created with a custom front cover with a photo of your choice.  As the second image shows, the pages are thick and can have 5-30 spreads. However, I would definitely recommend only having 5-7 pages. Less images the larger your photos will appear. 

Product Pricing:

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